The Kinds Of Real Estate

Simply said, real estate is actually property, land, air and building rights and the dealing of it. The buying and selling of the above can be construed as real estate. The term real estate means physical or real property which has Latin roots and comes from “res”. It can also include uncultivated flora and even fauna and what happens to that area when it is developed and what it is turned into. It can be buildings for residence or even buildings for commercial purposes. Residential and commercial real estate are the two pillars of the whole profession. Without these two, the profession would not even exist, let alone prosper.

You need to understand that real estate is a tangible asset, which can be considered a type of real property. This will undoubtedly include real things like land, buildings and other kinds of things that can be seen and touched. Real estate contains all sorts of people like renters, leaseholders, etc. who have gained rights to these properties by paying certain sums of money. In this article, we will discuss about the different types of real estate, here they are:

First, we will discuss the two pillars of real estate.

–    Residential real estate tends to deal with the construction and sale of new homes and previously owned homes as well. A very common category would be a single-family home. Homes that are constructed with the intention of selling. These can be condominiums, duplexes, high-value villas, etc.

–    Commercial real estate includes transactions between buyers and sellers and this transaction would consist of, malls, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, resorts, etc. Any building that would function for commercial reasons would come under this category. And therefore, a real estate agent or realtor who deals with these kinds of buildings is one who is a commercial real estate agent. Another interesting fact about these buildings would be the fact that they are owned so that they can produce an income.

–    The next category would be industrial real estate. This would be warehouses, industries, manufacturing houses, etc. These buildings are usually filled to the brim with machines which are used to create products. That can be clothing, electronics, plastic items, recycling plants, nuclear power plants, etc. It means that industrial real estate can include all sorts of buildings that are built and sold with the purpose of using them research, produce and store all kinds of products. The real estate agents that deal with the buying and selling of these buildings are industrial realtors or industrial real estate agents.

The real estate market is one of the most successful markets in the world, and cincy real estate agents are especially knowledgable about the market.


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